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space150's engineering team creates and maintains digital platforms, such as websites and mobile apps, integrating software solutions and conducting testing to ensure their products align with client objectives.
UX/UI Design
space150's UX/UI team designs engaging and user-friendly digital experiences by collaborating with engineering and design teams to understand user needs, behavior and develop interfaces that are easy to navigate.
space150's creative team develops innovative marketing campaigns and content by working with the strategy and account teams to understand client goals and objectives, and using that information to develop concepts for advertising, branding, and content marketing.
space150's strategy team defines client business objectives, conducts research and analysis, and collaborates with other teams to develop creative solutions that align with client goals.
space150's media team plans, executes, and analyzes marketing campaigns across platforms, collaborating with strategy and creative teams to create effective media plans for targeting the right audience.
Innovation Lab
space150's innovation labs focus on exploring emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to develop innovative solutions for clients.
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