Fox's TV Series "Next" - AI Driven Trailer

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In an industry where innovation meets narrative, Fox sought to push boundaries for its thriller series, Next. The concept was daring: a trailer fully realized by an AI, reflecting the series' core of a rogue artificial intelligence. This vision led Fox to space150, sparking a partnership that would venture into uncharted territory of content creation.
Armed with the series' footage, script, and score, our team dove into the essence of Next. Leveraging OpenCV and other open-source libraries, we built an emotion evaluation model that discerned the emotional landscape of scenes, teaching the AI to navigate the series' complex narrative fabric.
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The journey was one of both precision and creativity, as we fine-tuned our models with a mix of series footage and a vast array of public imagery. The essence of our challenge lay in synchronizing scene selection with emotional cues, ensuring each cut resonated with the unfolding drama, a task that tested our engineering mettle.
This project underscores the potential of open-source tools like FFmpeg for video manipulation and the critical role of sophisticated engineering in video editing. While tools like OpenAI's Vision API now offer advanced capabilities, the groundwork laid by our team showcases the acute engineering and creative problem-solving required to merge technology with storytelling effectively.



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