Toro Revolution Series

Creative, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Engineering

Revamping a legacy.

Commercial lawn care has long been seen as as old, stodgy and stale industry. With the launch of the new, all-electric Revolution Series products, our goal was to turn Toro from ‘your grandpa’s mower’ into a tech-forward solutions-based company with a 100+ year heritage.

We delivered a brand strategy that discovers a revolutionary focus, a creative platform that threads the needle between heritage and tech, a set of assets that bridge the gap between sleek and gritty, a microsite to drive excitement and educate, as well as a brand guide and trade show.


  • Wireframes
  • Content Strategy
  • User Flows
  • Site Structure
  • Full UI Design
  • 3D assets
  • AR assets
  • Campaign Concepts
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Site development
  • AR assets
  • 3D assets
  • Content Management System

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